Responsibly produced and delivered

The Purpose

Tyre recycling for safe circular economy

As the circular economy is becoming a more common way of doing business, the role of recycled and recovered materials is increasing.  At the same time, the customers are more and more aware of sustainability issues, such as safety and origin of the material and transparency of the material chain.  

We believe this is the way it should be. Therefore, we are striving for transparent and sustainable recycling of used tyres. With this aim, we created CERUB to contribute to a safe circular economy.

The CERUB label indicates that the rubber produced from used tyres is produced and delivered to the markets in a responsible way. It means that the legislative, health and environmental risk recognition and management is the priority value in material production. This includes taking responsibility for the delivery of applicable information for safe use of the material. 

CERUB was established by legislated non-profit tyre producer responsibility organisations in Finland, Norway, Sweden and with substantial contribution from the Netherlands. In 2020 CERUB is expanding to other European countries. 

Principles of Certification

The principles and criteria set in CERUB specify the conditions for granting a certification and allowing the use of the CERUB label. The CERUB label guarantees that the end-of-life tyre derived rubber material holding the label is produced and supplied by the following six principles: 

Principle 1

Compliance with law and regulations

Principle 2

Traced material flows

Principle 3

Availability and validity of CERUB information

Principle 4

Enhancement of occupational health and safety

Principle 5

Good environmental performance

Principle 6

Quality assurance and applicable user information