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People are increasingly demanding for sustainably produced and safe recycled materials. CERUB label makes it easy for your customers to select tyre derived rubber materials that they can trust. To apply for CERUB certificate, please register your organisation to CERUB intranet by completing the form below. We will review your registration and send you an email on how to proceed with your application. In any questions, please get in touch with CERUB management.

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Select what you want to certify: the productions process, material fraction and the specific end use application the material is produced for. Please note, this information can't be chenged afterwards. The specific certification ID is generated based on this information. If you want to apply for multiple certificates, you can do that later in the CERUB intranet.

Also, select the end use market areas you are delivering the material you want to certify. This information will be published on your certificate page. You will be requested to prove in audit that the produced materials fulfill the regulative requirements applied in these countries. This information ca be updated in the intranet later.

Production process to be certified
Material to be certified
End use application to be certified
Choose the end user markets you are delivering the materials to. In certification process, you are obliged to show that the material fullfills the national legislative and other qualifications set in the specific countries. (multi choice)