Responsibility in the production chain


With CERUB, you can stand out and show your commitment to sustainable material recovery and environmentally friendly, safe circular economy products. Using locally recovered materials in products, you can strengthen your business resilience in changing world and turbulent material markets.  CERUB companies save resources and money, and they are competitive in procurement and forerunners in sustainable business markets.


CERUB is the first international sustainability label dedicated to recycled materials. We have defined a set of principles and criteria to ensure the materials are produced and delivered to the markets in a responsible way. The material flows are transparent, production processes are secure to the people and the environment, and the produced materials are safe to use in new products and novel uses. Using recycled materials in products bring direct environmental benefits by reduced natural resource usage. The certification and labelling are verified by accredited 3rd party verification, making the system reliable and credible. It is perfect for companies striving for sustainability!


CERUB certified material complies with an extensive set of standards and regulations to meet variable technical applications’ high demands. For us, quality assurance and applicable user information play an essential role. The entire production chain of the certified materials is traceable and transparent. This way, the origin of the material is always known. CERUB guarantees that the quality of the production chain is assessed thoroughly.  CERUB labelled materials and products are a safe choice for the users.


CERUB is an advanced tool for companies to support them in their transition to a sustainable circular economy. It strengthens competitiveness, enables new businesses and innovative solutions for tyre derived materials and products. As the origin and the properties of the recycled materials are well known, CERUB provides a solid base for innovations. You can rely on the transparent production chain. By using reliably produced, locally recycled materials, you decrease your dependency on virgin natural resources and business-as-usual. For fore-runners, the CERUB-labelled materials and products are the best choice!