Responsibility in the production chain

Material traceability in the production chain

CERUB-certified material can be traced throughout the production chain, from the collection of tires to the recovery of recycled material. With certification, you can safely prove that you are a reliable and responsible supplier of material. Traceability ensures that the use of recycled materials in new products and materials is verified. For those who utilize recycled tire material, the CERUB label shows that the company is committed to a responsible and transparent production chain.

Material safety and usability

CERUB-labelled materials and products are of high quality and always a safe choice for users. CERUB-certified material meets strict standards and certification criteria and thus meets the high operating requirements of various technical applications. CERUB ensures that the quality of the production chain is comprehensively managed. The safe handling and use of materials are ensured by appropriate instructions. Certified material is easy and safe to utilize.

Increasing the circular economy rate of products and nearby raw materials

With CERUB, you can stand out and show your commitment to sustainable material recovery and environmentally friendly, safe circular economy products. By utilizing locally produced recycled materials, companies can secure the availability of raw materials and improve their own security of supply in a turbulent raw material market. CERUB companies are reliable and responsible material suppliers who save natural resources and money. CERUB-labelled products are competitive in procurement and stand out as pioneers in the sustainable development market.

Business and innovation

CERUB is a tool for businesses to support the transition to a sustainable and responsible circular economy. Certification allows recycling companies to demonstrate the reliability and responsibility of the recycled material they deliver. Confidence in materials improves competitiveness, enables new types of business and innovative solutions for tire-based materials and products. CERUB provides a basis for innovation because the origin, production chain and properties of recycled materials are well known. By using reliably made, locally recycled materials, you reduce your dependence on virgin resources and you are able to do things a little differently. CERUB-labelled materials and products are the best choice for true pioneers!