Many reasons to join

  • Traceability
    With certification, you can safely prove that you are a reliable and responsible supplier of material.
  • Safety and usability
    CERUB-labelled materials and products are of high quality and always a safe choice for users.
  • Circular economy
    With CERUB, you can stand out and show your commitment to sustainable material recovery and environmentally friendly, safe circular economy products.
  • Innovations
    Confidence in materials improves competitiveness, enables new types of business and innovative solutions for tire-based materials and products.

Chain of custody

Verified recycled content

The CERUB label shows your product contains recycled tyre materials from certified, controlled sources. The CERUB label guarantees the used material is recycled, processed and delivered responsibly, and it complies with the set safety and environmental requirements. Labelled materials can always be traced to their source in the production chain.

The label holders are proud manufacturers of responsible, circular economy products. The label supports procurement, and it shows that the company strives for sustainability in its material choices. To obtain the label, the company verifies compliance with the CERUB Chain of custody criteria, based on ISO 22095:2020. The label user compliance with the set criteria is third-party verified, which makes CERUB a reliable label in public communication.

The CERUB label indicates that

  • the product contains recycled tyre materials from certified sources
  • the used material is collected, produced, and delivered responsibly
  • can always be reliably traced to their source

Certified tyre recycling forms the first step in the CERUB custody chain.

Certification for tyre recycling

Traceable tyre materials

CERUB certification guarantees that the materials derived from recycled tyres are produced and delivered responsibly. This means fully traceable material and controlled environmental, health and safety parameters complying with the requirements set for the particular material use.

CERUB certification can be granted to recyclers that process and distribute end-of-life tyres derived materials. These materials are 100 % pure tyre raw material: no additives are used and the material is not chemically treated, which makes CERUB materials a trusted feedstock for a variety of products and refining processes. If you do it all yourself: recycling and processing of used tyres, followed by further refining or new product manufacturing – you have a short custody chain. In this case, certifying with CERUB is possible and brings value to your products.

The certification showcases that the material is

  • processed under controlled conditions
  • documented for safe and secure use
  • safe for health and environment in the designated use

CERUB certification can be granted to recyclers that process and distribute 100% pure end-of-life derived materials.