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Recycling company – The CERUB certification shows you are a sustainable player in the circular economy! The certification guarantees you take responsibility for your end-of-life tyres, the environment, health, and tyre material’s applicability to the specified end-use.

CERUB certification applies to tyre shreds, granulates, and powder derived from old tyres. Only the tyre derived material with a known end use can be certified. Certified rubber may contain small amounts of fibre and steel originating from tyres. The certificate is always separate and specific to the application. This ensures that the material meets the quality requirements for safe use in its designed application. The certificate is always granted for all your operations in the country, and it is valid for three years.

Applying for a certificate is easy

  1. Register your company and apply for a certificate on the CERUB website.
  2. Book an On-site Audit. An accredited auditor (DNV GL) verifies that your organisation fulfils CERUB criteria and proposes CERUB certificate be granted. If your organisation operates in several locations or units, all units will be included in the audit.
  3. Complete the application on the CERUB intranet.
  4. Conduct On-site Audit.
  5. The CERUB Association assesses the auditors’ proposal and grants /denies the certificate.

Maintaining certification
Carry out annual internal audits to ensure that the CERUB criteria are met. If your organisation operates in several units or locations, each unit or location must be surveyed at least once in the three-year period. Headquarter operations must be surveyed every year. The organisation’s own audits are confirmed by an external auditor once every three years. The CERUB certificate is valid for three years.

Showcase your sustainability 
Your certification will be published on the CERUB website. Use the certification, CERUB labels, and trademark to show your responsibility and sustainability of your tyre materials.

Fees and services find them here

Check the tutorial videos in the Media room: ‘How to apply first CERUB certificate’ and ‘How to use the CERUB intranet’


Become a member

Tyre recycling associations – we are calling for countries to join CERUB! Together we can grow and take care of the tyre recycling industry. By joining, your country gets a board membership and equal vote to contribute to future actions.

CERUB is a recognized system, and it unifies countries to sustainable material recovery and for a responsible circular economy.

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Partner with us

CERUB Partners are active contributors!

CERUB is striving for novel uses and new product innovations. By partnering with CERUB, you can actively contribute to a circular, sustainable economy.

You can join, for example, to support and enhance material recovery-based businesses, collaboration for research & development, or other sustainability initiatives with CERUB. Partnering with us allows you to stand out from the others. Partnership is a way to show that you value the widespread use of responsible materials, conservation of natural resources and responsible business.

Contact us to join and discuss more of your company’s active contribution to tyre material circularity initiatives and the environment!

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Join for cooperation

Change requires cooperation!

Are you interested in sharing information, running a collaborative project, or do you share our interest in a circular, safe, and sustainable economy and responsible tyre material recovery?

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