Responsibly produced and delivered

Our Purpose

Certification system for recovered End-of-Life tyres

As the circular economy is becoming a more common way of doing business, the role of recycled materials is increasing. At the same time, the customers are more and more aware of sustainability issues, such as safety and origin of the material and transparency of the material chain. We believe this is the way it should be. Therefore, we are striving for transparent and responsible recycling of used tyres.

CERUB brings the entire value chain of recycled tyres together for a sustainable circular economy. It is the first international, industry-driven sustainability system of its kind designed for recycled materials. CERUB supports the development of new product innovations for material recovery-based businesses to enhance safe material use and reduce the need for natural resources.

Who are we?

CERUB was established in 2019 by legislated non-profit, producer responsibility organisations for tyres in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and with a substantial contribution from the Netherlands.

CERUB brings together tyre manufacturers, recycling companies, producer responsibility organisations, material retailers, products and service providers for a safe circular economy internationally.

We welcome everyone to strive for sustainable solutions and collaborate with us for new, responsible life for recovered tyre materials.